How did we get our name?

My aunt makes decorated eggs using beads and ribbons. When I was young, she would take me to bead shops to get supplies. She would often let me choose a few for myself.

I remember looking at all the beautiful shiny beads, and thinking how beautiful they were. I would look at and touch all the beads that caught my attention. It always made me feel like I was hunting for them. I could just see the beads roaming through the field (like chicken), and me catching them. I always liked the idea of beads roaming in the wild, and so Free Range Beads was born.

Not only does the name capture my childhood dreams of capturing beads (ok, let’s be real I still have those dreams), but it also describes my choice in materials and the types of techniques I like to use. I love to combine glass beads with seed beads, or crystals with stone. I also enjoy working with many different techniques and sometimes will combine them into one piece.

It is also fun when my husband tells people that we only feed the beads organic food and allows them to graze in an open field. He really enjoys that part of the name.


Also, please see my Aunt’s beautiful work at her Etsy shop!

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