Current Projects

I will be blogging about my Current Projects so you can follow along with me. I have grouped them by function in order to make it easier to view. These links also lead to my shopping cart to make it easier for those who want to purchase. I plan to have a set amount of projects available each month, and plan to sell select pieces in different formats. Some will be sold as a finished piece. Others may be sold as complete project kits so you can make the piece yourself, or just the instructions for those of you who already have a bead stash.  I will also be selling some pieces in a variety of lengths and colors to accommodate your personal preference.

I provide quantity discount pricing on the jewelry project kits. So if you need a fun activity to do with your family, you can purchase projects for everyone.

Each jewelry project kit has a difficulty rating to help you decide what projects would be best for you. My directions are easy to read and follow, but you can always email me with questions. For an example of my directions, please see my awards page for my honorable mention article in the Bead Star 2008 Magazine for my piece Serene Blue.

Thank you for reading all my babble, and welcome to my projects page.

Please enjoy!


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